Alexandrie 2014

La Voix est Libre à l’Institut Français d’Alexandrie le jeudi 10 avril 2014



La Voix est libre, or ‘Free Voices Festival’, began in 2005 at the Bouffes du Nord Theatre in Paris as a collaboration between active figures in contemporary culture with the aim of breaking down walls between music, dance, song, science, and poetry. The project allows for elements of improvisation and generally works to combine all genres, cultures and human identities as a whole. This is their second time performing in Beyrouth and their first time performing in Egypt and will tour both Cairo and Alexandria.

Jeudi 10 avril 2014

Institut Français

Mohamed Shafik (danse)
Abdullah Miniawy (poésie, chant)
Telepoetic (musique électronique)
Ayman Asfour (violon)

+ Mehdi Haddab (oud électrique)
Marlène Rostaing (danse)
Peter Corser (saxophone)
Médéric Collignon (voix, trompette, bugle)
Philippe Gleizes (batterie)
Jörg Müller (tubes suspendus)
Élise Caron (chant)
Élise Dabrowski (contrebasse)